In an hour of big traffic and multiple WEB affluences, an afternoon of a general Wednesday, I was curiousing in the bloggers, when I am arrived against a blog with a light blue template, a little confused... but rich of interesting links...
The blogger in question musted be very young, at least staying to what he was writing. At a moment I have noticed a comment to one post of him, a little banal... comment to which the proprietary of the blog had answered in a way much dry and alterated, inveeing against this bad custom of leaving in turn gratis and inopportuns comments on the blogs of the unknowns.


Two hours later, while I was navigating on a site dedicated to a few noticed but genial Italian songwriter, I have meeted again that same blogger, or better one mail of him, which said to the webmaster of the site in question "You should make put an additional button to the main menu". He makes him see where (near the icon of the exit) and he says him because.

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