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 +===== Daniel J. Levitin - A Field Guide to Lies =====
 +I riferimenti sono ai capitoli, avendo io letto l'​edizione elettronica.
 +▪ It is easy to lie with statistics and graphs because few people take the time to look under the hood and see how they work.
 +▪ Statistics, because they are numbers, appear to us to be cold, hard facts. It seems that they represent facts given to us by nature and it’s just a matter of finding them. But it’s important to remember that people gather statistics.
 +▪ Unfortunately,​ many people have trouble thinking clearly about numbers because they’re intimidated by them. 
 +▪ Probability,​ as introduced in Part One, is deductive. We work from general information (such as “this is a fair coin”) to a specific prediction (the probability of getting three heads in a row). Statistics is inductive. We work from a particular set of observations (such as flipping three heads in a row) to a general statement (about whether the coin is fair or not) 
 +Attenzione: la differenza è importante! Spesso si pensa che probabilità e statistica siano la stessa cosa, perché hanno campi di applicazione simili.  ​
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