From: mau@alice.CSELT.STET.IT Newsgroups: comp.sys.sun Subject: Trouble with a modem Keywords: Hardware Message-ID: <> Date: 2 Jul 90 14:04:50 GMT Sender: Organization: Sun-Spots Lines: 14 Approved: Posted: Mon Jul 2 15:04:50 1990 X-Sun-Spots-Digest: Volume 9, Issue 243, message 18 I bought a Best 2400EC modem (Taiwanese stuff, with MNP5 available) to connect it to a Sun 4/330 using SunOS 4.1, but I did not manage to get it work. It is true I understand nothing of hardware (I am a mathematician) but I thought that it was not very much difficult than connecting a terminal. I created /dev/cua0 (maj 12, min 128) parallel to /dev/ttya, changed /etc/ttytab and /etc/gettytab according to the System Administration Manual, and called /etc/ttysoftcar -a (my prom revision is 3.0, anyway I even tried recompiling kernel with 0x0 flags) which returned error. If I try to tip a telephone number, it turns out that "all devices are busy". Any suggestion? BITNET: LAFTESI1@ITOPOLI UUCP: ...!mcsun!i2unix!cselt!codogno fake Internet: